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Christianity vs Paganism

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Christianity vs Paganism

Paganism - THE TRUTH

The origans of paganism
Paganism is in fact the oldest religion known to man. It first took place in ancient times when tribes would act out a hunt in hope that it would bring them luck when they hunted for real. After a time they created the "Horned god" which was thought to bless their hunt and nature. The Christians later turned this innocent symbol of nature into their *Satan*
Paganism and Satanism
Firstly you must remember that Pagans do not believe in Satan. So how is it possible for a culture to worship a god Who they do not belive in? If any religion is linked to Satanism it is in fact Christianity (Being the only religion who believs in the devil)
Pagans are Evil and indulge in human sacrifice and beastiality *BOLLOCKS*
Pagan tradition teaches harmony to all living things and so murder and rape of animals is against all they believe in.
A pagan's main god is in fact A GODDESS. She is the creator and gardian of the earth and all it's inhabbitants. The Bible on the other hand is extreemly sexist and explains how women are born without souls. The Goddess' symbol is the snake which the christian church later regarded as an EVIL animal which lead Eve (Yet another women) to temptation thus cocking things up.
The Church created these stories of evil and depravity to sway followers (and their money) into their church. The Christians formed hundreds, if not thousands of years after Paganism and so the oldest religion in the world cannot be evil otherwise the world would have been corrupted years before the christians came to be.

*Note that all this information has been found in history books and is completely factual.