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Unlike some people I don't belive in heaven or hell. I believe that when we "die" we just pass out of the physical body and into the spirit relm.
There are three differant levels of spirit
Pure Spirits - These are the most perfected and trustworthy of spirits. Also known as white lighters or angels, *pure spirits* have no link with the living world and do not let their previous life of lives affect them.
Middle spirits - These spirits are still involded with their physical life. Either they are grounded because of a certain event which happened in their life or they are in vistitation of family, friends or locations which meant something to them.
Lower spirits - Like *middle spirits* these spirits still have a strong hold on their previous life. These can often be mischevious, melevolent and sometimes right cheeky bastards.


I practice many differant forms of spirit communication.
Pendulum/candle - This involves asking the spirit to either flicker the candle for yes or moving the pendulum in a certain direction for yes or no. This only means that yes/no answers can be asked.
Table tipping - Ask the spirit to move or rock the table in answer to your questions bearing in mind it's only possible to ask yes or no questions.
Ouija Board - The popular, yet very understood means of conntacing the deceased .
Mediumship - I talk with the spirits through thought

Ouija Board (The truth)

You may have many stories about *Ouija boards*. Some are true whilst some are complete bullshit. If someone tells you that their one burst into flames, screamed ect then they need a swift slap around the chops and need to quit bullshitting.
Yes. It is true that evil and melevolent enterties can come through on the board which is why it is essentual that you protect yourself at alltimes. But it is not just bad eggs that come through.
I have partaken in many Ouija boards and have had experiances with nasty bastards of the spirit world. However, this was due to the tauntings and negativity of some of the other sitters. The spirit was spelt out Fuck you and then started to spell random letters. This caused the dogs to bark and go a little mental. The spirit however tried to leave but a few of the party were not letting him go. This made him extreemely pissed off .
However I have had many positive experiances with the board due to the mood of the sitters and the positive atmoshphere. Negative attracts negative and vice vercer.

If you are thinking about contacting the spirit world and you would like info plz email me and I can send you full information on how to perform the tasks and how to protect yourselfs