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Vincent *A poem by Tim Burton*
Christianity vs Paganism

You think I don't see through you.
I see everything.
When I look at you all I see is a scared little boy.
Too scared to be himself.
Full of self loathing and despair.
"Why do I have to wear this to make them like me?"
It's pathetic
If only you had the courage to be yourself.
If only you could see the only reason they like you is because of your clothes.
That's not real friendship.
I know real friendship.
Friendship isn't about material wealth.
It's about the wealth of someone's heart.
I'm sure you understand what I'm saying.
Just don't tell anyone or you'll be "uncool"
What is cool anyway?
Being someone's slave all of your life?
Well I'd rather be free than be cool.
You think I don't see through you.
I see everything.
I wrote this to express my feelings about the narrow minded people I went to school with and believe me there were a lot. I hate the fact that people are made to feel like shit just because they don't want to be the same as everyone else.
This one's dedicated to all those people who have to put up with that crap on a daily basis and to all those who know what it's like.

I stand by your grave as a solitary tear runs down my face.
I'll never forget the day you moved on.
But I won't cry anymore.
I remember my heart breaking when I heard the news.
It felt so sureal. I'd known you all my life.
But I won't cry anymore.
I've seen you. You guide me all the time.
I've felt your warmth and talked with you.
I have no reason to cry.
You're not gone. You're just invisible.
But you're as much a force in my life as you always were.
And I won't cry for you anymore.
So I raise a glass to you and say good luck.
I'm glad you found peace. I'm glad you don't hurt.
I just hope I make you as proud as you made me.
I'm proud to be your grandson.
And I can now boast about you even more.
Because you're not like other grandad's.
My grandad's invisible.
This one's dedicated to my grandfather who passed on just over a year ago. His passing was very difficult for me as he was only 60 at the time. He had terminal cancer and so his life ended too early. I now realise that he's always going to be with me and so crying about his passing is pointless. I've talked with him since he's gone and although he's told me to get my hair cut I still keep in touch. Anyway rest in peace Jim Mcquade. YOU F**KING ROCK!!!

Thank you
Thanks for you guidance and support
You'll never know how much I apprechiate you
You're part of me and always have been
You cheer me up when I'm down and protect me from harm
I used to be scared of you
god knows why
I just didn't understand
you've helped me overcome many traumas
I know I can count on you
you may have the body of a child but you have centuries of wisdom
My own private angel
This one's dedicated to my spirit guide. Just to show my apprechiation.