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Invisible World

Early Paranormal experiances

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As a child I was often prone to experiencing strange phenomena in my house. I found them terrifying at the time but I know now there was nothing to be frightened of.

Objects used to, and still are going missing in my house only to turn up in the same place they were before days afterwards. This ranged from anything from toys to cash point cards. On one such occasion my brothers remote control car went missing for days. One day however my mum heard the car moving and whirring away. She followed the noise to the cupboard under the stairs. Once she opened the door she discovered the car. Turned on and working as if someone had just been playing with it.

Offensive material

Ever since I got my first computer console *A snazzy Super Nintendo* the channel used to change over if I played any games with violence in. The first time this occurred I was playing *Lethal weapon 3*. Happily shooting my way through criminal after bad-ass criminal my TV changed channels. This happened every time I played that particular game or any of my *Mortal Combat* collection although it would not happen with my more tame games such as Super Mario or the Adams family. I thought it may have just been the TV and so once we got a new one I thought it was over.

However Playing WWF on my new Playstation and brand new TV it changed channels again. This also happened with *Resident Evil* but not with *Crash Bandicoot* or *Spyro the Dragon* . I took this as a sign that I was offending the little girl *Who I would later discover is called Jade* who is a resident spirit in my home. That or my Spirit guide didn’t want me playing anything she thought was too “extreme” or “unsuitable” for a kid of my age.

This phenomena also happened whenever I watched a movie that was above my age range. The VCR would stop and rewind a few minutes in. This could all have been a coincidence but if so why did it all stop once I hit 15?

Bedside Visitor

I remember one time particularly when a herd the voice of a young girl whisper my name at my bedside. Unfortunately I reacted with fear. I know now that she was reaching out to me and trying to communicate. I should have spoke back to found out why she was there and what she wanted.

Another night time visit occurred with my dad. He woke up in the middle of the night only to see a little girl sitting by his bed. She sat there for a moment and then faded away. This was the first sighting of Jade that I’m aware of.

One morning my brother awoke to find his hamster crawling around on his pillow. It had been locked in the cage downstairs the previous night. He also woke up when an unseen force was jumping on his bed. Could this have been Jade also? We all know that children like animals and jumping on beds.


For many years there has been a mass of negative energy at the top of my stairs. It is unexplainable but you feel a rush of fear and panic the moment you approach it. It often happens at night time but still occurs during the day. I have seen this figure in my minds eye and physically one night in the kitchen. He is a tall hooded figure in a black Celtic/monk style robe.

Why he is resident in my house I do not know but will hopefully someday find out. At night he can sometimes be sensed in the kitchen and so I must escort my dog through the kitchen to the back door as he will not go alone.


I first met this nasty soul on my first encounter with a board a few months back. The very first thing he spelt out was a very polite FUCK YOU. At this point my friend’s dogs went apes hit and the glass started moving violently. This carried on for about 10 minutes. He said some pretty harsh things and then buggered off. He’s came through nearly every time we did a board.


Uncooperative and a chronic liar. He’s recently been appearing on the board giving false information, and absolute gibberish. He doesn’t let other spirits communicate with us through the board.