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Invisible World

Paranormal diary

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Saturday 16th July 2005 (Early Morning)

I see an orb at the top of the stairs as I leave the bathroom. It moves horizontally, flashes once and then disappears.

Tuesday 19th July (between 8 - 9 pm)

I invite my friend Jason over to join me and Chantelle in a ouija board session. Interesting results.

Frank comes through but will not co-operate. He spells out complete nonsense and will not let any other spirits through. I tell him to leave but he doesn’t. I then ask him if he would like me to dispel him and so he leaves.

Another spirit comes through. He uses the name Doug and reveals that he was a man in 4th century Germany. He also reveals that he has a message for Jason. He tries but cannot spell it out so we ask him to pass the message to Jason’s guide Arthur. He reveals that Frank is not who he claims to be and that he needs to be dispelled before he harms anyone.

I have a dream in which I pick up the letter A and an elderly chinaman by the name of Ying. I wait to see if this proves to be significant.

Wednesday 20th July (11:30pm approx)

Another orb is spotted by me. This time it is halfway down the stairs and is brighter than before.

Friday 22nd July (afternoon)

I conduct an EVP experiment buy placing a tape recorder at the top of the stairs and setting it to record. Listening to the tape later I discovered a creaking noise and what sounds like a male taking to somebody. However this may have been noise from downstairs. I shall try again in the evening one day.