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Invisible World

communicating with the other side

Teqniques you can try in your own home

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Spiritual communication must be taken seriously. I strongly advise that you show then respect and feel positive. I do not advise performing any form of seance whilst under any stress or with a bad attitude. This will only attract negitive enterties. 


Before attempting any spiritual communication it is always good to be relaxed and free of any negative thoughts.
1. Lay, or sit down with your hands at your sides. Close your eyes and imagine your body becoming lighter.
2. Consentrate on your breathing. Hear nothing but your breathing. Slow down to deep but comfertable breaths. Do this for a few minutes or until you feel as if you are floating. Do not rush. Remember spirits are always there.
3. Invision a large box in which nothing can escape. Place all of your fears, and anxieties in there and shut the box up. Discard the box and feel all your problems leave you. (This is also good for general stress relief)
4. You are now relaxed.


It is vital that you protect yourself before attempting any rituals.
You can do this by...
1. Praying and asking for protection from the creator.
2. Ask your guides for protection.
3. Invision a white light envoloping you in love and truth. Nothing bad can get in.
4. Light some sandlewood inscence. Ideal for ridding negative energy.
5. All of the above. (you can never have too much protection)


Pendulum Method
What you need
A crystal or ring
A piece of string or chain to create the pendulum.
1. hold the pendulum between your forefinger and thumb.
2. Ask the spirits questions that are answerble by YES or NO.
3. If the pendulum spins in a circle it means Yes. if it rocks back and forth it means No.


1. Light the candle and ask the spirits a question which can be answered by YES or NO.
2. Ask the spirit to flicker the candle flame for yes.


Table Tipping
What you need
A small table
A group of friends
1. you and your friends place your fingertips on the tables edge and ask away.
2. Ask the spirit to move the table for YES


Ouija Board
Possibly the most known means of spiritual communication in the world. Despite it's bad press the ouija board is a facinating and helpful way of contacting the deceased. Any horror stories surrounding these tools are either false or the people paticipating in the seance did were disrespectful and did not know what they were doing. The only thing about the board that I disagree with is that it was origionally sold as a game. This was a mistake as the board requires responsability. Those who use the board as a toy generaly become the toy themselves.
You can either buy a board or make one yourself.
What you need 
Paper or card
A pen
A flat surface
A glass
1. Cut the paper or card into little squares.
2. on each piece of card write the full alphabet, numbers zero to nine, Yes, No, Greetings, and Goodbye. You should have 39 pieces in total.
3. Lay the letters, numbers ect out in a circle on your flat surface.
4. Place your fingers lightly on the glass and start your questioning
4. Start of by asking if there is anyboby there and state that you wish them no disrespect.

Remember to...
1. Treat Spirits with respect.
2. Don't force them to answer questions they do not want to.
3. If a bad spirit comes in ask them to leave. If they refuse, stop and try later.